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Learn how to make more sales online with less work.

I help spiritual entrepreneurs like you create regular revenue from your online business within a month using my simple start plan and without needing great tech skills.

You can break free from inconsistent sales of the gifts you offer.

All you need is a little guidance to show you how to make more money with less effort.

Are you struggling to make a regular income from your spiritual gifts?

It’s a common problem. You have a great service, but you just can’t seem to get the stability you want. You’ve bought all the courses and downloaded all of the freebies but you just don’t know where to start.

Don’t give up!

With a little knowledge and a few tools, there is a way to reach your ideal clients and create a stable income.

With my help, you can finally start making the consistent online sales that you’ve been wanting!


1:1 Clients

Orla Brady

Trauma Specialist

As I was overwhelmed by the idea of going online, I connected with Lisa to help me understand my place in the digital world.

Working with Lisa has helped me to understand that with a little time and guidance I can discover the tricks of the trade to support my online business. 

Most useful to me was her constant help and support. She is patient beyond measure and always there to solve problems and can manage to do them at the speed of light 💡


 Maria Eastwood

Intuitive Artist – Sacred Soulscapes

Before I started with Lisa I didn’t have any systems in place to help me juggle daily life, full time teaching and running my business. Lisa helped me organise my schedule and put practical solutions in place so I could prioritise each day and feel that I was achieving my goals. 

Working with Lisa has propelled my business forward. I have structured my day, I use my online calendar to plan activities and am reminded to do them! I have become more tech savvy and social media aware. Lisa helped me so much and is so supportive & encouraging. 

The most useful for me was getting organised with the systems Lisa taught me. I now know where my images are, how to easily access them for use & I am motivated to do my daily posts when I have a plan. Lisa helped me see the bigger picture whilst I was taking the steps to get there. I cannot thank Lisa enough. She is so funny & knows everything there is to know. I highly recommend her! 


Debra Kilby

Author and Spirit Baby Channel

I was just about to launch my course – From Here to Maternity – and my membership group Divine Mother Wisdom Circle. I was overwhelmed with where to start planning to link all the information and create a plan and timeline of sharing about them.

Lisa helped me to practically join up all the links from website, to newsletter to social media, create a solid message and time plan of the when and the how – basically to become more organised! Not one of my top skills. Lisa really helped to take the pressure off the doing and the practical side of things so I could focus on doing what I love, which is the healing and channelling. Lisa really helped build my confidence in creating a business that supports my work, rather than being bogged down in the business.

What have I found most useful is Lisa has really helped me realise the importance of putting systems in place that reduce the stress of doing, save time and feel more organised so I can show up for my work without being stuck in the ‘how’ I’m going to do it.

Aarti Parmer

AP Brand Communications

I got in touch with Lisa because I REALLY needed help with Instagram and Stories. I wanted a better understanding of how to utilise it for my business.

One session later, after a lot of jargon-free “straight talk”, I can honestly say I was raring to go and was able to put everything I had learned into practice. Lisa has a great way of simplifying what you need to know, what’s going to help you and what the next steps are. Her “checking-in messages” afterwards have also been encouraging!

Now I understand the platform, I feel far more confident using Instagram Stories in a strategic and structured way and look forward to refining the skills I have learned.

I totally recommend Lisa as she is very knowledgeable and so easy to understand.

Sue Wybrow

The Businesses Community & Popdance International

Although I had always got stuck in on all the platforms, running social media for both businesses was taking over my life and beginning to drain me. I needed to get some structure, planning and scheduling in hand. I also knew that Instagram Stories were the new thing I needed to concentrate on: I knew just the gal to help me there!

Lisa explained how Stories work, the benefits of consistently posting each day, ensuring a story is told and giving people a call to action. After a week and a half, we’ve already got a new client from them.

I was feeling very frantic at first, but am calmer now. I value the extra coaching Lisa gives after the session, sending me tips and ideas along the way. I am now looking to delegate most of our social media so that I can concentrate on creating Stories and running my businesses

Ren Behan

Family Law and Divorce Solicitor
Legal Ren

I approached Lisa to help me with getting a new professional platform up and running following a career pivot from food to law.

We brainstormed an angle and how to best reach my ideal clients, and from there we formulated a posting schedule.

Lisa was able to identify the key areas of my business offering and strategy to help me build my legal, professional profile.

Community Management Client

Melanie Moore

Tapping Into Your Big Vision Ltd

Lisa is a key part of my launch team.  She is affectionately known as “Sherlock” because of her attention to important details.

She loves organisation and processes, which are incredibly important to the team during a launch, as there are so many moving parts. She also has an incredible depth of knowledge on Social Media activities, giving you friendly nudges and reminders when it comes to your daily to-do list!

It is essential to have a trusted Community Manager inside your Facebook Groups and Lisa does a wonderful job looking after my community.

Marlene Zusman

Intuitive Interior Designer
MZ Interiors

As an Intuitive Interior Designer in lockdown, I wanted to do my first webinar but really had no idea where to begin. The scariness of not knowing how to do things was completely overwhelming. I reached out to Lisa for help and she held my hand through it all. 

I now call her my “Fairy God Mother”.  It’s like she waves a magic wand and it’s all taken care of. I love knowing that Lisa has my back and that everything is going to be ok.

Now, I never do a launch without her. I highly recommend working with Lisa 🥰

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