About Me

(Lisa Nichols AKA Mrs N)

Well, the world has certainly changed a bit since I was at school!

As I look back on all the modern technology I had to master over the years, it’s no wonder I became an online business manager.

There are so many BSO’s that come out every week.
(BSO: Bright, shiny objects)

I remember learning shorthand-typing at college and being mortified to discover it was “so last year” at my first job interview. My junior secretarial role required audio-typists to transcribe the solicitors’ dictation tapes. (Rewind: left pedal/Play: right pedal).

You had to be accurate to send a telex; the machine punched holes into a paper tape as you typed. You then poked that tape back through the machine to send it.
I also covered the telephonists’ breaks on the huge PMBX switchboard (answer with the back plug, switch forward to speak) I was even put in charge of the new facsimile machine when it arrived. Can you imagine?

I was a tech nerd in the eighties … I bet most of you don’t even recognise half of these images?

Pitman New Era Shorthand
Transcribing Audio Dictation
Sending a telex message
Covering the PMBX switchboard

As I moved out of secretarial work and into marketing, the era of the personal computer dawned and we all did our own clerical tasks.

When I left work to have our children I chaired the local branch of a national parenting charity and one of the bright, young things asked if we could have a Facebook presence, I remember thinking “isn’t that just for college kids?” Suddenly it was 2am and I was hooked on online marketing.

As my babies became teens, I had a front row seat to all the new social media platforms and moved into online business support.

It’s not that I am a guru – but I have continued to keep pressing the buttons until it works! If you’d like to save a few years and find out which buttons they might be, you’re in the right place.


(AKA Mrs N)