2018 UPDATEA year later, there are a lot more “toys” available for InstaStories but the MAIN DIFFERENCE is if you “go live” on Instagram it is now available to view for 24hours, the same as the rest of your Stories content.

At the time of writing, Instagram Stories are only second to Snapchat for the diversity of customisation.  What does that mean Lise?  It means there are lots of toys to play with to really make it your own.  Snap update their features constantly.  It’s what they do.  But for us grown-ups, who are still getting familiar with everything that Facebook, Messenger and Instagram can do, Insta Stories is easy and intuitive … once you know the features are there.


I recommend getting to know these story-telling platforms, as it is the way the world is going.  If we dismiss them as “something for the kids” we will ultimately lose.  Besides, it’s FUN.  Have a look over my shoulder at Instagram Stories and how to create your own.


If you are at a loss to understand WHY you would bother, take a look at my rant here in my Fb Messenger Post

We are increasingly moving away from the old dichotomy of either B2B or B2C marketing.  These days marketing is all H2H (or human to human) as brands invest in customer-facing teams who respond to your every woof and tweet.  So where does that leave you, the small business owner?  Playing catch-up to the current state of marketing and customer engagement.

[DISCLAIMER:  This is my fave toy, so I got over-excited and went nearer 15 mins on this one!]

As ever, if anything is unclear do message me.