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Social Butterflies


Do you wish you could learn to speak fluent “social media” for your business?
Do you find everything moves on so bloody quickly that it’s like starting from scratch each time you dive in?
Do you feel like social media controls your day? Would you like to take back the reins and focus on your actual work?

I Have A Cunning Plan.


I am Lisa Nichols and I was born before the internet was invented too. I totally get where you are coming from and I can help.

If you are a brilliant business owner, who is great at what you do but feel social media is a chore, I’ve created a programme that will help you once and for all.
Learn a few tricks that will help you get out of your own way. Master social media so you can save time and feel confident that when things DO change, you can easily adapt.
The difference between Facebook profiles, Pages and Groups
Why you need a website and how to grow an email list
How to grow a GENUINE audience
How to get started with Instagram
How to get started with live streaming
What platform is best for your business
What People Say About Me


Melanie Bundock

This lady is my wing-man or should I say wing woman! She encouraged me to do my first Vision Board workshop six years ago. Lisa Nichols (yes THE Lisa Nichols) has finally got round to launching her first course.

If you have a business and are finding the world of Social Media a minefield to navigate, you need LIsa!

She is a fountain of knowledge, not just with Social Media but so many aspects of digital marketing.

Lisa will bring it down to a really simple level, plus she is HIGHLY entertaining (I’m joining for the entertainment factor alone!!)

So if you need to know what the heck a hashtag is, the difference between a Facebook profile and a Facebook page, Lisa is your gal. She has a ridiculously low early bird offer price. Quick sign up!!

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