Work on YOU!

In this week’s #WedsWisdom I cover six steps to improving yourself, and therefore, your business:

      1. Take a Skills Audit
      2. Identify your knowledge gaps
      3. Learn it (or outsource it)
      4. Partner (or skill-share) with someone who is your complete opposite
      5. Stay in your lane
      6. Keep moving forward consistently

[NOTE]  This #WedsWisdom video was originally streamed into my Facebook Group using Ecamm Live (a Mac Only Lisa is Minnie Mousetool) which cut out at the end.  Apart from the wind noise you can hear from my pedestal fan (scorching hot day in the UK!) I also re-recorded the final minute on QuickTime (Mac tool) and it came out at one-and-a-half speed.  So listen to the end for my first-class impression of Minnie Mouse.

As they say “Done is better than perfect”.

Mastering the latest thing

With all the new social platforms emerging, plus the third-party apps to help you make the most of them, it’s no wonder we either get side-tracked (me) or feel overwhelmed.  Feeling that you need to master “the latest thing” before you can move on with your business can cause paralysing procrastination.

  • You either jump in, learn all you can, and then still don’t execute or,
  • You decide you’re Old School, and all this new-fangled malarkey is not for you.  You will keep doing what you’re doing … and wondering why you are not getting better results.


Here is an Arthur Ashe quote I have as a screensaver on my phone

Arthur Ashe quote

Cute graphic by Julia Bickerstaff at The Business Bakery


Be you, not somebody else

It’s tempting to see another professional in your industry “crushing it” online and think we cannot possibly compete. That we need thousands of dollars worth of stock, software, equipment, whatever it may be.

The truth is, if you have a smart phone, you have a level playing field.  No matter how slick and fancy you finally end up, you can always:

 #WedsWisdom – Start TODAY with a phone, a passion and a few apps.

If you haven’t already, download my free Boost Your Marketing Checklist to discover what comes easily to you and what you find hard or boring.  Then at least you KNOW what you need to learn or outsource.  One less thing to procrastinate about.


Staying in your zone of genius as Gay Hendricks describes it in The Big Leap ensures you keep moving forward and that momentum creates inertia and before you know it YOU are crushing it too.

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

As ever, if any of this is unclear, do leave a comment or message me and I will help where I can.


Mrs N x