You may know how to bookmark posts but did you know you can arrange them into Instagram Collections?

Instagram Collections is like Pinterest inside Instagram

If IGTV is like Instagram’s own mini YouTube, there is a mini Pinterest in IG too.  Instagram expanded the Saved Posts feature a few years ago into Instagram Collections.

Have you noticed the bookmark icon below posts?  When you click on the ribbon-marker, it saves that person’s post to your “Collection”.  Did you know you can curate those posts onto separate boards like you would on Pinterest?

Instagram collections


This quick tutorial above shows you the steps.

Instagram is full of great content inspiration that would be nice to keep.  Sometimes it’s handy for personal stuff like decor or recipes but it’s probably most useful for business.

8 ways to use Instagram Collections

  • Collect, organise and share other people’s content
  • Save posts where your account has been @mentioned
  • Hashtags # you follow for your business
  • Monitor accounts in your industry for inspiration
  • Bookmark images and captions that resonate with your brand
  • Note any collaborations or influencers you would like to work with
  • Competitor inspiration to try similar, better or completely opposite ideas
  • Create mood boards of colours, graphics, branding, quotes


TIP:  Remember to add a task to your calendar to review them regularly and fire up your creativity for social media content.

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