It’s useful to learn how to make Instagram highlights custom covers.

Not only does it brand your Instagram account but it helps visitors quickly find the topic they are looking for.  Without editing, the cover is just a thumbnail from your Story.

Steps to create a highlights custom covers

1. Open your Story highlight
2. Tap the three dots in the bottom right
3. Choose Edit Highlight
4. Edit Cover
5. Choose from one of the stills in your Story or
6. Add the image you want from your camera roll


Use your favourite image editing app to create a branded image.  Something that matches your other highlights custom covers is effective,  Once you have created the image make sure to save it to your camera roll.  In this demonstration, I use the Canva mobile app. It is available for both iOS and Android, so search your App Store if you would like to follow the demonstration.


Canva image editing app

Available on iOS and Android

Using Canva to create Highlights Custom Covers


1. Open Canva
2. Choose Instagram Story
3. Choose Blank
4. Use the plus button in the bottom right
5. Choose Image
6. Select from your camera roll
7. Hit Done
8. Select the down arrow in the top right
9. Saves to your Camera Roll

creating a highlights custom cover in Canva

Choose a blank template

Once you have the image you want to be saved to your Camera Roll, click back over to Instagram.  Start watching the Highlight you want to edit. Then just repeat the Steps to Create a Custom Cover 1-6 listed above.

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