Three tips to help you avoid mistakes on Instagram.

Common Mistakes on Instagram

Before you add a photo (or 1 min video) to your Instagram feed ask yourself:  Is it a clear bright image?  Can you tell what we are looking at?  Does the image convey the message you want to send?  Does the video have good audio?  

As a photo-sharing platform, dull images on Instagram are scrolled past for more vibrant and attractive ones.

mistakes on instagram

IG is an image sharing platform.

You have more creative license in Instagram Stories as they are meant to be a real and raw peek into your day. Nevertheless, try and consider these 3 questions:

Ask yourself

  1. What are we seeing? Add captions that describe what we are seeing. (Remember many people view Stories with the sound off!)
  2. How does that help? Explain why you are sharing it with your audience.
  3. Where can I take action? Tell your viewers what action you would like them to take.

Tell people what to do next

If it’s a recommendation then say “try it”,

Maybe something you are offering for sale?  Tell them where they can buy it

Sharing an upcoming event?  Show them where to book

If it’s just a beautiful photo tell them where/what it is and why you thought to share it

Instagram Marketing

What you share on your personal profile is totally up to you, but if you are using Instagram for business, you must remember your posts are marketing materials.

You wouldn’t create a flyer with no contact details or take out an ad in the paper with no description, would you?  The basic twentieth-century principles of marketing still apply, but now in a more authentic and relatable style.

Need help?

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