If you find you can’t upload a video to IGTV it could be two things.

The + button you are familiar with has disappeared or your video is over 10 minutes long.

What is IGTV?

As you may be aware, IGTV is like a mini YouTube on Instagram. This is where your longer videos sit.  You can record up to 1 minute (in 4 x 15-second clips) to Instagram Stories and you can add up to 1-minute videos to your Feed.

For longer videos, you need to share them to IGTV. This can be up to 10 mins of video (longer if you have over 10,000K followers).

As at January 2020, the way you upload a video to IGTV is changing, with a number of accounts having already lost the + button usually found in the top left of their screen.

If this has happened to you don’t fear. You now upload a video to IGTV in the same way you would upload a photo or short video. When you hit the + button in the bottom centre of the app, you are now offered a choice to upload a “short” or “long video”.


How to upload video to IGTV screenshot

The + button has now moved here


And if that doesn’t work?


IGTV was originally a standalone app.  The feature has since been integrated into your IG account.  If you are still having problems uploading your 15 seconds to 10-minute videos try using the separate IGTV app until this update is rolled out globally.


How do people find my IGTV videos?

Anything over 60 seconds is a “long video” and will be uploaded to your IGTV. You can opt to share a 1-minute trailer to your Feed.  Once it appears on your Feed as a post, you can share the thumbnail to your Stories.

In the IGTV description, you are allowed up to 30 hashtags and links are clickable.



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