Ever wonder what to SAY in Instagram Stories?

In this tutorial, I talk you through what to say in your Instagram stories to engage your audience and increase business.

Help your audience get to know you

Regardless of how you feel about sharing your personal information on social media platforms when it comes to marketing your business, you cannot be a secret agent.  You need to let your audience get to “know, like and trust” you and your business in order to feel confident about doing business with you.

There is more interaction with a business when the audience recognises the owner (or the person who represents the brand).  Think of accounts you follow yourself.  Do you know the owner,  their family, their pets, their favourite things?  It makes them more relatable doesn’t it?

The behind the scenes stories of “how we made this”, what the stock room looks like, how we receive deliveries, introducing team members, may feel mundane to you but can be fascinating for your followers.


Firstly, remember to TELL A STORY!

For example:

CLIP 1:        Hi it’s me and what I’m sharing today is …
CLIPS 2-5:  Interesting, Inspiring or Educational tips
CLIP 6:        Call to action (eg. visit us, sign up here, join us etc)

An exception to this would be if you are sharing something your audience finds particularly fascinating.  For example, if your business is about knitting and you are at the world’s largest knitting fair, then fill your boots with clips of the event.


Think of categories of Stories

* Increasing your know, like and trust as the face of your brand
* Being of value (to your IDEAL customer)
* Building your authority
* Brand Association (when people think of you when you’re not there)
* Demonstrate your expertise.


Make a list of Instagram Stories topics






Some examples of these could be:

  • I/my company is working towards this goal for this reason and why it matters
  • The project you are focusing on in your business today
  • What is coming up in your business this week
  • Share a useful tip (or a recommendation)
  • Tell the story of your first sale/client
  • Offer some industry knowledge (no brainer to you/interesting to followers)


Keep it visually interesting

Remember to keep the story engaging for your viewer. I recommend starting that day’s story with a short “face to camera” introduction.

Types of clips

* Talking head video
* Photos from your camera roll
* Videos from your camera roll (up to 1 min)
* Create text posts (not too much text per clip)


Hopefully, this has given you some inspiration around what you can share on your Stories for your business.

If you feel you would benefit from a 1:1 session with me where we can discuss exactly how this would work for your specific business, you can book a call with me here: