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This page is for when you wish somebody would just SHOW you how to do something. I record my screen to show you what to press, and what happens when you do.  Sometimes, I will record something useful I think my tribe should know, like new features and updates that are rolling out.  Other times I record requests from you on what YOU are stuck on.  Leave me a note in the comments and I will help where I can.

[10 Minute Tip] How to Create Facebook Stories

  Why should I create Facebook Stories? Isn't Facebook Stories just another "thing to do" on social media when I am already overwhelmed by everything I have to do in my business.  Well, I'm glad you asked. We are living in truly exhilarating times.  To quote an...

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[10 Minute Tip] How to Create Instagram Stories

2018 UPDATE:  A year later, there are a lot more "toys" available for InstaStories but the MAIN DIFFERENCE is if you "go live" on Instagram it is now available to view for 24hours, the same as the rest of your Stories content. At the time of writing, Instagram Stories...

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[10 Min Tip] Learn the Facebook Messenger App

The Facebook Messenger App is helping Zucks create Planet Facebook.  As Fb positions itself as the one-stop-shop of all social apps, you will soon be able to use Facebook for everything you do on your smart phone. More third-party applications are either being bought...

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